About US

We are the premier source of the brass that you need. Our team consists of former military and law enforcement professionals that have the background in firearms and ammunition manufacturing that brings you the product and service you can depend on. Our brass manufacturing process includes 9 major steps that ensure extremely accurate brass is produced.

Our Process

Our brass begins as a very soft raw brass cup.

Brass cups are draw out and annealed over the next 3 steps, bringing the brass to the proper length, thickness, and hardness for the following steps.

After drawing and annealing, the case head and primer pocket are formed, custom head stamps are added at this station, we also control the size of the primer pocket for customers that desire a custom dimension.

Once the case head is formed, the extractor groove and case rim are cut to dimension.

Following the cutting, the cases are annealed again and the taper is put on each case, this is the single most important station on our line, as it controls the headspace of the cases.

Next is the pierce and trim station, where primer pockets are fully pierced and cases are trimmed for overall length. Custom case lengths can be made here.

Cases are then taken to the final annealing and air gauging station.

Now that the manufacturing process is complete, the quality control process kicks into high gear, with each case being inspected and measured. Cases are also checked for hardness both externally and internally using the Vickers Hardness Scale.