Go West Trading Brass Precision manufactured match grade rifle brass that exceeds Mil Spec requirements. Our brass is manufactured on state of the art equipment right here in the USA. Peerless manufacturing process, peerless quality control.

We are Go West Trading.
The Finest Source of American Made Rifle Brass

We utilize state of the art equipment and the most stringent quality control process to create the highest quality brass in the industry.
  • We offer Direct Sales to End Users.
  • We offer Direct Sales to Law Enforcement and Military
  • Deliver Custom Headstamped Brass for manufacturers, whether a large manufacturer or a small gun shop looking to expand their ammo line.
  • Give you the confidence no one else can offer at 70,000 PSI
  • Treat you as an industry partner that we listen to and respect, not just another account.
  • We are actual firearms enthusiasts, which have spent their lifetimes living in the gun culture, not some east coast investor out to make a buck.


GWT proudly offers the following calibers in our precision manufactured match grade rifle brass that exceeds Mil Spec requirements.
.338 Lapua Magnum
Brass Casing
6.5 Creedmoor
.260 Remington
Brass Casing
.308 Winchester
Match-Grade Casing

Our Goals


American made products manufactured by Americans using the toughest quality control standards available.


Brass that you can trust to be the proper dimensions and hardness.


Our crew of former military and law enforcement understand your needs, and provide you with exceptional service.


We provide for your unique needs; custom head stamps, custom case sizes, small lot sizes. Need a caliber nobody else is manufacturing, or are not making it the way you need it? Ask us.